“Gorenora is the daughter of Hades and Persephone. As a baby, her soul was taken by Zeus and she was banished to live out her days in the Underworld. But the fates had other ideas for poor Gorenora. But by refusing to stand up to Zeus and leave the Underworld. Gorenora grows ill. Only to get worse the longer she denies her fate. So, when her Soulmate swoops in to save the day. She grows through learning to love and demands her soul be returned from Zeus. But what do the fates have planned? What is this mysterious force calling out to her from Earth?”

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“It’s well known in the Kingdom Of Demons that their Princess, Peace, is the key to the end times. Even if loved by her people, she was still an outcast due to the prophecy. Peace is a strong warrior but can’t help but think of herself as a monster. Especially as the years go on and her Demonic side grows increasingly difficult to control. Without the calming effects of being bonded to her mate, she might just go insane before the prophecy even happens. So, when her mate finally arrives and denies the mate bond, demanding the prophecy child for his Masters. What will happen to Peace? Read to find out what will happen when a Monster loves a Beast. Will flames burn strong? Or will this be the end?”

Path To Madness can be read for free on Wattpad and is still scheduled to go up on StoryFire later!

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“Ptolemeos is a fierce warrior. Taking after his parents, Peace and Olysseus. When the Humans declare war, Ptolemeos’s world is riddled with bombs and bullets. He grows bitter towards mankind. As every day more of his kin perish by their hands. So what will he do when Humans capture his little sister and hold his soulmate hostage? He decides he will fight. Fight with every ounce of his being. He will do anything and everything to save them all. Or die trying.”

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“There are six gods who rule the multidimensional realm. The God of light and his twin The Goddess of Darkness rule above all, together in harmony. One cannot exist without the other and their human creations worshipped them for their balance. That was until the God of Light grew to resent his sister. He hated how their creations loved her, even through her darkness. She left a stain where ever she walked, tainting the other gods creations and often destroying the light he created. Even when she brought their creations so much darkness, they loved her and left her more offerings. So he cast her away, locked within a dimension of darkness, only to return when she found a champion to defeat him.

After billions of years a young boy is born to loving parents and marked as her champion. But it’s not until his death does he find his true point of existence. But not everything is what it seems.”

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