In Her World


Blue grassed meadows as far as her eye can see. Delicate, blossomed roses sway in the dry sea before her. As dark clouds loom above the roses dare not stop swaying. They dance to ward away the evils that swirl in the sky. So, she sits, waiting for the storm. Not understanding why part of her wants to join the roses when she knows nothing can stop the rain from falling.

So, she sits. Waiting. Until the rain begins to fall. The harsh rain scratches her skin. Making her crawl towards the roses, hoping they’ll know how to help. But, they only can cry for her. If she crawled through the roses their thorns would tare her flesh. Soon she is covered in wounds from head to toe, curled up in a ball, desperately trying to shield herself.

Finally, the roses know what to do. They give up their petals, thousands of red petals begin to cover the girl. Unbeknownst to the girl the extent of their sacrifice. Until after the storm. When she emerges from her soft, red cocoon to find what once was a field of beauty was now stems. Stems of the roses as far as the eye can see. Heartbroken, the girl vowed to dance like they did, to sway away the storm. For maybe if she had joined them the storm would have passed.

Thank you for reading,

Arionna Scaletta