Being Rejected (By Book Publishers)


If you like to write like me then you might have written a book and submitted it to publishers.

And if you’ve been rejected. It’s okay.

I find every time I’m rejected by a publisher or literary agent I’m even more determined to publish my books. After many, many years of writing and re-writing them. I’m finally confident in my work. I’ve had many read and enjoy unedited-online published chapters or the really, really, old version of the book. Which surprises me sometimes because I personally have confidence problems due to some mental illnesses. But I’ve come to realize that it’s okay. It’s okay to doubt your work a little, it’s healthy. It’s a natural reaction to being rejected.

So far the book has been “officially” rejected by twenty-one publishers/agents. But, I have to remember a LOT of the replies had nothing to do with the quality of my work. It was it just wasn’t the kind of book they publish.

The book is definitely different with its own take on Greek Mythology. In order to make it it’s own, it obviously derails from your classic myths. Which may upset some but other’s may enjoy it. It’s Gothic, it’s romantic, and it’s full of action. (Although some bits may be a bit more then some can handle with its graphic descriptions.)

But, overall. Don’t let yourself fall into doubt. Your work is good and you can get published if you don’t give up.

And I’m not giving up!

Thank you for reading,

Arionna Scaletta